Do you miss those times when you had hard-copy photos to cherish special moments? Today, it seems that every one with smartphones takes images with their devices and stores it in digital files that are so crowded, that those images will never be seen again.

With TOMY's innovative and inexpensive KiiPix Instant Photo Printer, you can simply print out retro-styled photos from any mobile phone. It doesn't require a battery or companion app to function. All you need to do is to place your smartphone on the KiiPix instant photo printer and print photos from the smartphone's camera roll. With this, you can capture the moment, print it for a keepsake, or give it to friends and family.

The Kiipix Printer seeks to turn those digital captures into tangible images that you can store on your desk or hang on your wall. The clever bit, however, is that you don't need an electronic device or Polaroid while you travel. All you need is your phone and this small, convenient, and portable printer.

To use the Kiipix Printer, open the Kiipix up and place your smartphone, with the image you choose, on top (see to it that your phone's screen brightness is ultimately set to high). Then place a piece of instant-developing Polaroid paper in the paper slot of the Kiipix and press the shutter button. The Kiipix will instantly use the phone's screen brightness to burn the photo you have chosen on the Polaroid paper. No cables or batteries and you have your photo in physical form!

Simply and incredibly smart, the Kiipix Printer provides you prints of your photos with a good vintage touch using the camera you use and love the most. With this portable printer, you can turn your smartphone photos into IRL vintage masterpieces.

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Kiipix Printer: The Most Convenient and Portable Smartphone Printer
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