If you’ve been reading inStash for the last couple of weeks then you already know that we love KeySmart. After all, no other product does such a good job of reducing the annoying key jangle associated with having a bunch of keys flopping around and clanking against each other in your pocket. Well, no other product except for KeySmart Rugged that is. Building upon the design which started with the original KeySmart, the KeySmart Rugged holds more keys and is made out of a more rugged and durable material than its predecessor.


What makes the KeySmart Rugged so great is also its capacity to fit accessories as well. If you head on over to the KeySmart website you can buy KeySmart Rugged-compatible goodies like USB drives, bottle openers, and more in order to truly transform it into a veritable multitool.

In order to get your own KeySmart Rugged for cheap then make sure to get yours via the inStash Shop via the link below.

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KeySmart Rugged Is The Ultimate Key Organizer
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