Bitcoin is slowly changing the way we use money or the way money is. Perhaps in the future, our great grandkids won’t know what bills look like. And just like any money, Bitcoin needs a wallet where you can store it securely.

If you haven’t already, get the KeepKey for your Bitcoin. It works with your wallet software on your computer and may be used for key generation using the hardware-based random key generator plus the randomness provided by your computer.

It’s also perfect for storing your generated private key through its backup feature using a 12-word recovery sentence. And in case your bitcoin wallet falls into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to access your stored key as it is PIN-protected.

KeepKey also lets you sign transactions through the confirmation button you have to manually operate.

KeepKey works with other cryptocurrencies such as etherum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and maincoin.

For more details about how it stands out among others, click the link below.

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KeepKey: A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
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