The iGuardian was founded on the principle that there will always be some jack knob out there looking to screw up a good thing, said good thing being the Internet. These days you have to be vigilant against the threats that surround your home network and all the devices connected to it, and that’s where this device can help.

With iGuardian, you get a device that keeps all your devices safe from malware, exploits, and other online threats. There is zero configuration or complicated setup required. (Seriously, it takes about five minutes.) And unlike your home router or antivirus protection programs, iGuardian is designed specifically to tackle all the different vulnerabilities online. Add to the mix that it takes up less space than a banana, and you’ve got peace of mind at no great cost of money or shelf-space. One iGuardian will run you $164 with shipping included. Click our Buy link to read the techie specs and place your order.

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Keep Your Tech Life Safe With iGuardian
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