If security is a concern of yours, then you’ll likely want to invest in your own Sensor-1. A highly versatile security device which you can stick on anything, Sensor-1 is a movement tracking device which will let you know if someone breaks into your home, rifles through your files, or opens up your laptop after you leave work. Unrelated to security, you could also use Sensor-1 to monitor if your child has left their playpen, opened up the cookie jar, or is getting just a bit too close to an electrical outlet.


Sensor-1 works by scanning its immediate environment and storing data as a measurement. If that measurement changes beyond a certain amount, the device will alarm you to detected motion — think proximity device in video games and spy flicks. The device can connect to your smart devices via Bluetooth or WiFi so you can get access to movement alerts whether you’re at home or on the go.

In this age of insecurity, Sensor-1 provides you with a measure of control which is simply priceless. Get your own by ordering via Indiegogo for $79.

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Keep Your Home Safe With Sensor-1
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