In case you haven’t realized it yet, fresh air is important to your quality life. Whether it’s pollutions or allergens, nothing is worse than having a runny, stuffy, nose — well, except for cancers or any of the other diseases that can be brought upon by bad air. Luckily for you, the AirFresh S10D Air Purifier is on the scene. In as little as just six minutes, this device completely cleanses the air in your car or other small space using its next-gen dust detector to release positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and harmful PM 2.5.


The AirFresh S10D Air Purifier can:

•Continuously release positive & negative ions to generate a plasma reaction to generate energy & kill harmful bacteria

•Detach easily thanks to a magnetically charged base.

•Fits perfectly in your vehicle’s cup holder

•Displays temperature, humidity, & PM 2.5 in real-time

•Use hand gesture controls to let you clean the air without any extra work

•Direct airflow to every corner of a vehicle

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Keep The Air Around You Clean With AirFresh S10D Purifier
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