If you lived through the 90s then your 90s self would’ve probably thought that we would be driving solar-powered cars by now. While solar never really became an option for most people — the designs were simply too ugly — the dream of a solar-powered driving experience was recently reborn in the form of the Karma Revero hybrid electric sports car.


Behind the car is Karma, an electric pioneer that, early on, looked poised to potentially compete with Tesla. While they had some difficulty getting out of the gate with their first car, the Fisker Karma, their new attempt is simply gorgeous. In fact, the Karma looks more like something that Aston Martin would put out rather than anything Elon Musk has ever had his hands in.

The key innovation of Karma is its roof, which features built-in solar panels the company says actually collect enough solar energy to “power the vehicle.” Sounds like this vehicle is “hybrid” in the sense that it uses both solar power and an electric battery to propel it forward at blazing speeds. Could this potent mix of renewable energy be the end of range anxiety? Time will only tell.

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Karma's Solar Powered Revero Is What Tesla's Electric Cars Should've Been
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