We’ve known Kano as the company dedicated to taking rocket science out of coding and computing by giving us programmable devices that are manipulated as we play. Before, we gave you the computer kit that even a monkey can make and the sensor kit that removed the boredom out of coding.

Today Kano is back to give us another puzzle that will help us code and program a functional camera.

The Kano Camera Kit includes about a dozen pieces of camera parts you have to put together following the included instruction manual.

Once assembled, you’ll get a 5-MP camera that can actually capture images. The finished camera is a tiny clear box with yellow accents for the shutter and other buttons and some parts of the lens. It also includes programmable LED lights around the lens for full RGB functionality.

Of course, Kano Camera Kit is bundled with Kano coding app called the Kano Code in which you may program and code different gestures for the cam. These codes may be used to command the camera to capture both moving and still images and apply filters. You may also add pixelation and create a GIF using the same app.

Another customization you can create using Kano Code is using sound to trigger the camera. An example would be clapping or snapping to capture a shot.

Kano Camera Kit is originally intended for kids as young as 6 years old. But for those of you who would like to venture into coding but are intimidated by the series of lines and commands you see on a code editor, this may also help. Besides, although coding with this app is designed for children, you may also see the equivalent JavaScript of each command. Also, future iterations to this product will include allowing you to type the code directly on JavaScript.

Sadly though, Kano Camera Kit won’t be available until 2019, but you may already register if you would like to receive updates. Just click the “buy” button below.

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