When the battery level indicator on your iPhone gets down to one sad little bar, you’ll do anything to conserve those last lingering traces of power. “Call 911? Do I have to? It’s not bleeding that bad.”

For those desperate times when you just need a little extra juice to make everything okay, shove this up your iPhone: the Mophie Juice Pack reserve. It dangles unobtrusively from your keychain until the need arises, and then you just plug the integrated 30-pin connector straight into your iPhone or ipod touch, and your lust for power is satisfied.

Naturally there’s also an LED indicator that lets you know how much power is left in the Juice Pack itself. When it runs out, it’s also got an integrated USB connector so you can just plug it into your computer or any “works with iPhone” power source with USB out.

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Juice Pack Reserve | By Mophie
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