The Joker Torrent Streaming site is the latest in a long line of piracy options for users who refuse to pay their $10 to $15 to buy a digital download. The site looks and operates smoothly, enabling a user to simply paste a link into the box and begin streaming from their browser without having to download. While torrenting does have a lot of legitimate uses, only a small group of people are actually using it for that, and as such, we would expect Joker to have a short lifespan.

Then again, sites like Popcorn Time continue to operate though they have been taken down on numerous occasions only to be reopened under new management. One interesting possibility that Gizmodo presents about Joker is that it’s a honey pot, or a plant site created by the MPAA to catch pirates at the source. Since the privacy settings on domain ownership of Joker are firmly in place, we’ll never know. Our personal opinion: pay the darn money if you want to watch something, and you’ll never have to worry about it.

But… but… but… it’s too expensive!

Yes, some movies and TV shows are not worth two cents, we understand. Nevertheless, it’s someone else’s IP, and you can always rent it for $3 or $4 if you’re not sure and really want to know. (Don’t have $3 or $4? Ask a friend or family member to rent it for you. No friends or family members with that kind of money? Then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.)

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Joker Torrent Streaming: Real Deal Or Honey Pot?
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