Unfortunately, we missed the original Kickstarter for Jiva Cubes (pronounced Gee-vuh), back when the Miami-based coffee company was launching its pre-sweetened cubes for those of you who need a little candy in your java. We can’t afford to make the same mistake twice, so this time around, we’re making sure you guys know about the Jiva-Black Coffee Cubes. This is for coffee drinkers, who don’t need any sugar or aspartame in their morning pick-me-up.

Simply drop Jiva-Black into a cup of hot water, and you have a strong, tasty cup of instant coffee that tastes as good as anything you’ll pour out of a carafe. These are great for on-the-go drinkers or people who love the outdoors. By simply making a $5 donation, you can check these out for yourselves. We recommend that you do!


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Jiva-Black Cubes: Delicious Instant Coffee With No Equipment
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