Little known fact: in addition to being a successful late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is an inventor. His latest (and first public) creation is being dubbed ‘Pocket Dial’ and it’s basically an iPhone case and pocket square in one, basically reinventing the old school suit jacket pocket square for a modern era.

When asked about his inspiration, Fallon says he “came up with the idea after seeing phones sticking awkwardly out of people’s pockets” before actually making a working prototype with a hot glue gun. Fallon then pitched Pocket Dial to J.Crew who went on to create an actual working model.


Getting started with Pocket Dial is simple. Just insert your phone into the case, clip on your pocket square at your preferred height, and then place in your chest pocket. No one will ever know that there’s an iPhone in there!

Pocket Square costs $62 and can be purchased directly through J.Crew’s site. The pocket squares are interchangeable and there’s a wide selection of compatible squares on J.Crew’s site as well.

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Jimmy Fallon Reinvents The Pocket Square With Pocket Dial
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