Drones seem to be everywhere these days, and whether you’re just curious about them or a seasoned pro, then you’ll want to look into getting yourself a JETJAT. Capable of live streaming 720p video from a first person view, this drone is certain to be a blast for the whole family to fly. If you’re more ‘into’ extreme flying and stunts, this drone won’t let you down either thanks to its 3D tumbling tech and powerful electric motors which end up letting you exert exceptional control as well as power on through at high speeds.

The JETJAT will let you do all of the following:

•Stream video directly to your phone to get dynamic aerial shots

•Set different modes for differing pilot skill levels

•Enjoy a stable flight w/ gyroscopic stabilization

•Show off for friends w/ 3D tumbling capabilities

Find out more about it and take advantage of special pricing currently on the inStash Shop by clicking the link below.


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JETJAT Is A $39 Drone Which Can Stream 720p Video & Do Insane Tricks
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