Gosh, we miss those days when holding a boombox up to your ear was not unlike grabbing your end of the mattress on moving day. Oh well, times change, and with it, everything seems to be getting smaller and much more convenient. Don’t ya just hate that?

Fresh from a fine showing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month, we’ve got the JBL Charge here to remind us that the good ol’ days weren’t always good. For starters, the Charge’s sound quality will blow those old stereos out of the water. Add to that the convenience of a Lithium-Ion battery that can play for 12 hours without needing a recharge, the ability to charge your mobile devices on-the-go through the machine’s USB, and wireless streaming audio from Bluetooth-enabled tablets and smartphones, and you’ve got a product that makes nostalgia seem highly overrated.

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JBL Charge
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