Move over, Tesla. “The most beautiful electric car in the world” is here, and it’s not even a new model.

Jaguar E-Type Zero is based on the 1.5 Jaguar E-type Roadster that was launched in 1968. The E-type series, however, was launched in 1961 and has been known to us as the most beautiful car. Even Enzo Ferrari admired how beautifully it was made by calling it “the most beautiful car ever made”. However, there were some modifications done on the facia although these changes are still based on the original vehicle.

Under the hood is a more powerful motor. A bespoke 220kW electric powertrain has been made for the Zero, which allows it to run 0-62mph in 5.5 seconds–one second faster than the original model.

The 40kWh battery pack has been designed to weigh and measure as similarly as possible to the outgoing XK six-cylinder engine to ensure it will be placed on the same location as the engine thus avoiding any further modifications.

It takes about six to seven hours for it to recharge and has a range of about 170 miles, which is a bit shorter than Tesla’s range. But with this classic look, you’ll sure get more attention driving this.

The electric motor and the reduction gear are placed behind the battery pack, replacing the original E-type’s gearbox. Then a new propshaft was added to “[send] power to a carry-over differential and final drive.”

Aside from the battery, engine type, and the small changes in its appearance, Jaguar E-type Zero now dons LED headlights to save energy. All in all, the result is about 100 lb. weight reduction.

Because the electric powertrain, which replaced the petrol engine, weighs and measures similar to the latter, this means the overall car structure, including the brakes and suspension, were unmodified. Even the front-rear weight distribution is the same.

If you’re interested, you may email Jaguar at [email protected] or click the “BUY” button below.

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