We’re not entirely sure how to feel about the ITS Titanium Entry Card. At least this inStash writer isn’t anyway. On the one hand, I’ve locked myself out of the house about 6,000 times in my 33 years – an average of once every other day from birth – yet on the other, by making lock-picking so easy that even a guy like me can do it, home invaders are getting what I’m sure is a much-welcomed late Christmas present from the manufacturers.

The ITS Titanium is a stunningly slim 0.032 inches thick – same as a credit card – and comes with six tools built in to it. All the essentials you’ll need for breaking into a house or just digging your or a friend’s butt out of a jam. Includes two tension wrenches and two sets – four pieces total – of bogota tools, single and triple hump, all of which are disturbingly self-explanatory from a single glance at the image.

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ITS Titanium Entry Card
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