We at inStash support healthy lifestyle all the way. So if there’s anything we come across with that we think may help you get a more active life, we’d automatically feature it. And let you know why in the world you need it.

And today, we are sharing with you five items every biker must have not because they look cool or what. It’s simply because they’re handy and, yeah, a must-have.

Items every cyclist needs

Fumpa pumps


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Flat tires to a biker are like Joker to Batman, kryptonite to Superman, or Loki to Thor. But Loki is not always bad, but anyway, you get what we mean.

When you have a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere. Well, you still can but on a limp mode. So to fix it, we pump air manually or ask some repair guy to do it for us.

But if you don’t have enough energy to manually bring your bike’s tire’s back to life and you can’t find help somewhere, miniFumpa is what you need.

The miniFumpa is a small, battery-operated pump that fits in your jersey pocket. It weighs about seven ounces and measures 1.3”×2.2”×2.7”. A single charge can inflate two tires with 120psi maximum pressure and can go from 0-100psi from 40-50 seconds.

However, this only accepts Presta valves. For Schrader valves, go for the bigger Fumpa.

Cadence magnet


For those who are into cycling for workout purposes, we know that you need a sensor to track your progress.

The problem with other sensors, however, is either they’re too expensive or they don’t work properly; some reporting these magnets to fall off and never to be found again.

This low profile magnet, on the other hand, is different. It stays attached to your bicycle and remains anchored to the crank whether you go through dirt or mud. For carbon cranks, you may use a small washer to space the cadence magnet.

It works with Polar, Garmin, Cat Eye, and Sigma.


Quad Lock Out Front Mount


Taking our phone with use while biking is a must be it for communication, navigation, or entertainment. However, when using it for GPS, our pockets is not the best place to keep it. It should be mounted right in front of us.

Securely and correctly doing that is the challenge. Some mounts provide security but it doesn’t provide us with the best viewing angle.

The Quad Lock Out Front Mount solves that by providing you with patented dual-stage locking so your phone stays in place no matter the terrain and adjustable over stem mounting that you can rotate as you please.

This mount fits all 31.8mm and 25.4mm handlebars with an optional adaptor for GoPro.

What we like best about it is that you can detach your phone easily just in case you find that picturesque view along the way.

Quad Lock cases for phone sold separately.

Helmet Liner Skull Cap


Brace yourselves; fall is coming.

And to help keep you warm while cycling, get this helmet liner from JoeYoung. It’s made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex so it’s breathable, stretchable (we mean it), and ultralight. It’s also perfect for wicking away sweat so your scalp stays dry.

The materials also dry easily so after sweat has been absorbed, it evaporates into thin air quickly just like the one who just ghosted you.

What’s more, you can use this for any other activity as long as you need your head to stay warm—jogging, running, driving, etc. You can also pull this over to your ears without you getting that muffling sound.

Camelbak Zoid Hydration Pack


We need water; that is why our science teacher told us way back our elementary years that water is one of our basic needs along with food, air, shelter, and beer (No judging, we have different teachers!).

So here is the perfect gear that will keep you hydrated for a longer period than your regular tumbler: Camelbak Zoid.

Just like the Gambler, Zoid can keep your water insulated for a long period with its Therminator Harness. However, it can store only about 2 liters of water unlike Gambler’s 3 liters. Nonetheless, Zoid also has rooms for your other devices such wallet at keys and has “Bak it for the life of the product.”

But what makes this standout among the rest is, ironically, low-profile design. You can wear it under your jacket and people will barely notice you’re the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Wrapping it all up

Riding a bicycle is one of the most enjoyable things to do whether for transportation, working out, or just feeling the environment around. Just make sure you have all the gears and gadgets you need for a smooth and fun ride.

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5 Items Every Cyclist Needs
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