If viruses, DDoS attacks, and buffer overflows excite you, then you should probably be an ethical hacker. Also referred to as penetration tester, an ethical hacker is hired by companies who are dead serious about their security. These hackers probe installed network security and help with the improvement of these networks, applications, and computer systems so they don’t end up like Ashley Madison or HBO.

Sounds interesting? Well, here are some numbers to help fan your excitement.

According to research, companies spend up to $1 million on IT and about 9% goes to security. That means, my friend, if you have the expertise, you can go to almost any company, knock on their doors, and tell them you can make sure they’re secure from the itching hands of unethical hackers.

So first, enroll in this course which you may access for 12 months, take Cisco’s CCNA Security and CompTIA Security+ exams, and say hello to unlimited opportunities.

You’ll learn how to secure Windows, study passwords and how to guess them, understand spyware, and learn various keyloggers.

Note, however, that exam fees are not included.

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IT Security and Ethical Hacking Certification Training is Now 98% Off
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