Glasses are due for an upgrade. As the oldest and most reliable form of wearable tech, eyewear is prime ground for innovation. Google knows it. Sony knows it. Oculus knows it. And now one company which is calling itself “The Shop” (mysterious!) knows it, too. Their take on the eyewear of the future is being called “Project Genesis” (doubly mysterious!) and it hopes to incorporate both AR/VR technologies in a way which is totally inconspicuous and totally won’t make you seem like a giant glasshole like Google Glass does.


Genesis looks like a regular pair of black rimmed glasses. Inside the front left frame there’s more than just plastic, however. Taking apart the glasses reveals an accelerometer, a Bluetooth chip, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, a CPU and a small 32mAh battery that can last around 3 days between charges.

So how about that software? Right now, Genesis is able to track your steps, the calories you’ve  burned while exercising, and the distance you’ve traveled while walking or running. Think about it as a head-mounted FitBit if you will. Future plans include a heart rate and galvanic skin-response sensors in order to collect even more accurate information on your activity.

No word on a release date or price point just yet but we expect to hear a lot more from Genesis as we head into next year.

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Is Project Genesis The Future Of Prescription Eyewear?
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