Backpacks are nearly essential for carrying your stuff. Problem is, they’re not really all that great for keeping said stuff organized. Luckily we live in 2016, where backpacks like The North Face Access Pack exist. Equipped with an innovative quick release latch that can be popped open with only one of your hands, this backpack actually allows you easy access to all of its contents while letting your hold on at the same time.


Within the North Face Access Pack you’ll also find an external laptop pocket, interior pockets lined with fleece for your phone, tablet, and other such gadgets, a pair of external pockets, and a sturdy EVA foam body which offers superb protection.

If you’re looking to get your own North Face Access Pack then it’s important to know that they’re only available in two colors for the time being — black or gray heather. That being said, both of the colors look spectacular and you’ll almost surely think of your new backpack as a welcome addition to your life.

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Is North Face's Access Pack The Most Advanced Backpack Of All Time?
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