In light of the COP 21 agreements that were held in Paris this year, it seems abundantly clear that the fate of the world hangs in the balance as temperatures shoot up year after year. In order to help usher in a new ecologically-sound era, footwear maker Adidas showed off a concept sneaker which is made entirely out of plastic and other materials reclaimed from the sea, namely polyester and fishing nets. These materials were then melted down and used to 3D print the shoe, making it the first 3D printed recycled shoe to be created by a major manufacturer.


While the shoe remains a prototype for now, we’d love to get our hands on our own. Adidas isn’t usually the sort of company which creates concepts just for their own sake (leave that to Nike) so they’re surely planning to use this technology on a much larger scale sometime in the near-future.

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Is Adidas' 3D Printed Recycled Sneaker The Future?
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