People who live in homes with tiles have been jealous of the Roomba for the better part of a decade now. That’s because while robotic vacuums have been around for that long, no company has yet figured out how to create a robotic mop that will clean up beautiful tile floors. Until now. Meet the iRobot Braava Jet, an effective and fairly affordable robotic mop that will leave you wondering how you lived before it came into your possession.


Unlike other iRobot products which are shaped like disks, the Braava Jet is a small, square, almost entirely white plastic product with tasteful aqua blue accents. The way it cleans is also much much different to the Roomba. Braava Jet uses tap water and proprietary cleaning pads that slide into the bottom of the robot and pop off with the pull of a lever when you’re done. Much like a Swiffer, Braava Jet mops by spraying water out of the front and then running over it with a solution-filled pad.

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iRobot Releases Braava Jet: The World's First Robotic Mop
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