The iPhone SLR Mount takes a non-photofile a little while to wrap the brain around, but once the brain is wrapped, it is secured good and tight! See, for those of you who don’t consider yourselves professional photographers (line starts here), a DSLR is a pretty special little tool to have in the visual arsenal. It is preferred by most big-shot photographers because it takes 35mm quality pictures. Traditional movie formatting, at least back in our day, was 16mm. High quality movies were 35mm.

With this new little contraption, you can take your iPhone 4 and turn it into a DSLR if you already have a Canon or a Nikon lens. The SLR Mount runs a little over two bills. A good lens will cost you more than that. The iPhone 4, well, you get the point. However, if you already own Apple’s magic phone device and either a Canon or a Nikon lens then you can really see the value here. Just more ways that Apple and their amazing content partners pay you back!

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iPhone SLR Mount
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