inStash is growing, and naturally that means we’ll be adding new features as readers continue to send in their feedback. One request that seems to have been popular is an image gallery, showing more delicious eye candy for all of those cool products we highlight. So starting now, those futuristic gadgets and sweet rides will be shown at all angles, sizes and colors… assuming there are multiple images to show of course.

From here out, if there are more images to show, you’ll find an image gallery button below the main image. Simply click on that button and a beautiful lightbox full of wonderful things will appear. Go ahead and give it a try… this very article has an image gallery attached.

Let us know what you think about the site. Maybe there’s a feature you’d like to see added, maybe you want to tell us about how fantastic we are, or maybe you just need to vent… either way, we’re listening. Oh and if there’s a product that you think should be covered, please do suggest it. Get in touch through the contact form.

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