USB power is so important, it might be the way you charge the majority of the things you own these days. So why is it that we’ve been so slow in adopting USB into wall sockets? While we can certainly understand that some people might be hesitant to pop open their sockets and install USB outlets themselves, now that the Instant Snap-On Smart Wall Outlets are on the scene you won’t have any more excuses.


That’s because the Instant Snap-On Smart Wall Outlets require absolutely no replacing outlets or re-wiring. In order to use them, you’d just remove your current wall plate, replace it with the smart plate, and you’ll instantly have two USB ports in the wall that are perfect for charging your phone or other devices without taking up a full socket.

The Instant Snap-On Smart Wall Outlet Can:

•Charge up to two devices at once

•Save energy by automatically stopping charging when devices reach full charge

•Keep your regular outlets free for the items you leave plugged in normally

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Instant Snap-On Smart Wall Outlets Add USB To Your Wall Outlets In A Jiffy
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