Tattoos may be cool and fashionable right now but getting one can be painful and possibly lead to major regret as you age (and sag). Another problem with the permanency of tattoos is that they actually limit your creativity. Think of it this way, you only have so much body canvas to go around and as your interests change and evolve, you may someday wish that you could change that embarrassing “I love mom” arm tat with something like a mermaid or an owl.


Luckily for you we live in a sci-fi future world where anything is possible. Even tattoos which aren’t permanent. Meet Inkbox, a fruit-based organic tattoo product which only takes 10 minutes to apply and lasts up to two weeks. Inbox features literally hundreds of tattoo designs and will even allow you to create your own design via their online customization tool. Each tattoo costs around $19 so their tattoo solution is actually much cheaper than actually going out and getting a traditional tattoo as well.

If you’re ready to start expressing yourself in a radically new way, make sure you lend Inkbox your support on Indiegogo today.

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Inkbox Unveils Awesome 2 Week Temporary Tattoos
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