Let’s be honest, you’ve probably walked out from home at least once without forgetting to turn on the stove. Even if you haven’t walked out from home per se, we’re willing to be that you’ve burned at least one of your meals by not turning off your stove when you should have had. Inirv wants to change all of that. Showcasing their new “smart cooking knobs” at CES earlier this month, you can probably guess what this kit of four knobs and one sensor can do, namely automatically turn itself off when it senses smoke or fire.


inirvWhile safety is clearly at the forefront of the Inirv’s design, another consequence of imbuing a knob with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is remote operation. Thanks to a smartphone companion app, users will be able to turn their stove off and on without ever needing to be in the kitchen. Inirv can even send you notifications letting you know that it’s time to shut off the stove.

Find out more about a must-have product for anyone who cooks home meals via the link below.

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Inirv's CES Hit Will Help You Make Your Kitchen Completely Safe From Fires
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