Ever been caught out in the weather while wearing a set of your best duds? If so, then you’ll appreciate the Indochino Storm Suits line that offers a variety of features that you just can’t get from traditional wear. Let’s be clear. This is very much a suit. Nothing funny-looking or humiliating as with comparing the original hybrids to their gas-guzzling predecessors. No, you won’t look like an idiot wearing one of these. That being said, it is a somewhat different experience.

First there is a touch friendly storm pocket that protects your smartphone while also allowing you to interact with its touchscreen without bringing it out into the elements. Secondly, there is what the company calls a Storm Flap, designed to protect you and control body temperatures even with particularly nasty gusts of wind coming at you. Lastly the natural and synthetic fabrics used in the composition of the suit act as stain repellants, while lending the waterproof attire to easy upkeep. Basically, with Indochino’s latest line of suits, you’ll never get caught off-guard by the weather again.

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Indochino Storm Suits
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