Have you ever wondered what a pepper spray tastes like? Or more specifically what Mace Pepper Spray tastes like?


You’re not stopping Dogfish from teasing you with one though. Dogfish Head founder, Sam, and his friend Eric, the vice president of sales at Mace Security International, Inc, came up with this hot but weird idea of brewing a dark, roasty beer with a twist. A twist like no other, we’re telling you.

This collab resulted in the creation of In Your Mace! “a dark, roasty beer with a tan head, IN YOUR MACE! is a coffee milk stout brewed with cinnamon verum chips from the Zanzibar Islands, mace spice, milk sugars, coffee, chicory and most importantly … chili oils, the active ingredient in Mace Brand (yep, the pepper spray).”


Yes, really.

Starting on February 17 at 11:00 AM, you can get one of the 200 750ml bottles which retail for $18 apiece.

But Mace Pepper Spray in a beer really?

Yes. Really. Really.

Apparently, Sam and Eric have been friends since high school and have been collaborating ever since. They have always been “in search of unique, avant-garde, experimental beer ideas that push the boundaries of traditional brewing while still delivering rich aromas, flavor profiles and culinary ingredients that Dogfish beer fans count on and love.” Hence, the birth of IN YOUR MACE!

Also, this beer is brewed for the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston, thus the oddity.

If you’re wondering what it tastes like, Dogfish Head site says it’s a combination of sweet and spicy with a touch of smokiness topped with the aromas of espresso. It has 5% ABV and 35 IBUs. Don’t worry about it burning your mouth because although the pepper oils in the Mace Pepper Spray are very hot, Dogfish ensured you will get just the right amount of heat when you drink it.

For more information, visit the link below.

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