Any photographers out there in the inStash community? If so, we think you’re gonna geek out a little over what Susanne Kraus is bringing to the table with her IMAGOphotour. Kraus is reproducing the world’s only 1:1 walk-in camera for the purposes of a world tour. If successful in the Kickstarter project she currently has going on, she’ll be turning this into the world’s biggest mobile self portrait camera.

Kraus is also the person for the job. Back in 1970, her father, Werner Kraus, and a friend constructed the IMAGO1:1 with the dream of taking this thing on the road. He died in late 2012, but his daughter now hopes to carry on that legacy with a camera you actually step inside for an analog self portrait that takes all of 10 minutes to develop. Help her out, guys. You may even get your own self portrait out of the deal.

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IMAGOphotour: World's Biggest Mobile Self Portrait Camera
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