Speak those pretty words to us, IKKU.  You’ve never seen a steadier stream of syrupy advertising lexicon until you’ve seen a product description from the Dutch-Japanese manufacturer IKKU.  The word means “coming and going” and the way they’re going, the lilting phrases just keep coming.  Their Macbo0k sleeves, for example, give them an opportunity to talk of “vegetable tanning,” “Italian buttero leather,” a “subtle block of colours and materials, complimenting every wardrobe,” “Italian metal snapbuttons,”  and “skin fit.”  We’ll take four!

Did we mention it’s something to protect your Macbook?  They come in 11, 13 and 15 inches, and yes, they will match any (black or gray) outfit.  Not only that, but they are, says IKKU, “future friendly” which is a cool synonym for “environmentally friendly.” It involves recycled and organic materials and uses little waste.  Be a Macbook owner, be a steward of the environment, wear black and gray: you’ve got the world by the tail, my friend.

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IKKU Macbook Sleeves
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