It’s in the remote, frigid region of Kakslauttanen (wait, where?!), Finland that you’ll find the very unique Igloo Village, basically a city of partially underground, glass-ensconced igloos burrowed deep in a winter wonderland.

Don’t let the picture fool you, though. There IS a bit of choice in the accommodations. There’s the ‘Snow Igloo’, an above-ground igloo made from real snow (hey, imagine that!) and ice, whose interior never reaches above 26F. Vacationers that don’t particularly enjoy the idea of slipping into a hypothermia-induced coma, Snow Igloo occupants also receive extreme, cold-proof sleeping bags and other ‘woolen’ amenities.

Then there’s the main attraction—the Glass Igloos. These abodes are constructed around a glass dome and offer a consistently clear view of the sky, with thermal glass (designed to prevent fogging-up) for an unobstructed view of the night sky and aerial events like the Aurora Borealis phenomena. The best part? They’re warmed to room temperature and come complete with a toilet and “luxury bed”.

Winter lovers, welcome to paradise.

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Igloo Village | Kakslauttanen, Finland
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