It’s safe to say that if you toss an “i” in front of a word, there’s going to be a tech-oriented connotation – more specifically, an Apple connotation. That philosophy definitely holds true with Adafruit Industries’ new iCufflinks.

Fashioned out of Air-grade aluminum and modeled after a Mac’s power button, these silver-toned cufflinks pulsate like a sleeping MacBook’s LED for up to 24 hours. Each cufflink has a built-in circuit board and LED inside and, since they come from a company known for selling open source computer components, all the hardware and software inside the iCufflinks are open source, as well. You can actually download the schematics and files from GitHub and hack your cufflinks for your own custom “geek chic”.

A matching necklace is coming soon, so your geeky lady friend can also get in on the “Mac”-tion. Get it? Mac-tion, like act – ah, never mind.

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