So what do you do when you:

  1. Have extra cash laying around
  2. Are infatuated with motor sports, and
  3. Love to fly?

You invest in an ICON A5 ‘light sport aircraft’, of course.

Conceived, designed, and developed by some of the world’s top talent in aerospace, design, and engineering—and founded by Stanford Business School’s Kirk Hawkins, who is also a former F-16 pilot, an engineer, and motorsport authority (your de facto overachiever, basically)—-the ICON A5 and other sport aircraft in ICON’s fleet set the benchmark for performance, aesthetics, and the ever-so important FUN-factor.

The company’s only requirements? Basically: Be free, have fun, and explore. What other ‘requirements’ could you ever yearn for?!

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ICON 100 A5 | Light Sport Aircraft
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