UPDATE — Readers, sometimes in a hurry to bring you the best products and ideas on the web (and in the real world), we miss things. Things we shouldn’t have. And thanks to reader Ben Allred, we’ve got an unfortunate update to make regarding the iCache Digital Wallet. This link from The Post and Courier out of South Carolina gives a detailed breakdown of why iCache is a bad idea and one you (and we) should now forget about, except for as a cautionary tale. Thanks, Ben, and be careful out there re: Kickstarter projects, people. It’s an agreement between you and the project leaders. KS isn’t going to help you out if one falls through. From now on, we’ll do the same. And if you’ve noticed anything go wrong with something previously featured, we would love to hear about it, so we can keep you updated. Send any news tips you come across to aric [at] instash [dot] com. Thanks, guys. Keep ’em honest out there!

The iCache Digital Wallet will greatly shrink the size of your regular wallet — in fact, it may even allow you to get rid of it altogether while securing your forms of payment and not running the risk of getting mugged on your way to and from the store. Here’s how it works: you program each of your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, etc., into the app upon purchase by scanning each one through a card reader that attaches to the phone (and iCache phone case) while the app is in use

When you get ready to pay, simply select the card from the app, and it temporarily programs the information into the Geode card for use in any store. As for those pesky laser scanners, there is an e-Ink screen for your convenience on the back, and that’ll take care of most loyalty cards. So, no excuses to downsize, huh? Best of all, the biometric thumb reader ensures that only your fingerprint will work, thus further securing the info.



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