Ah the noble backpack. A faithful servant to all students and hikers in the world, our loyal back-mounted companion carries all of our valuables and never complaints. Never nags. So who would have thought that the backpack could use some disruption? Apparently Doug Monahan did, and that’s why he’s taken to Indiegogo in order to seek funding for the iBackPack.


So what makes iBackPack different? Well does your Jansport feature 4 USB ports, a built-in GPS system, WiFi Connectivity, Proximity sensors, an iOS/Android companion app, and a massive built-in battery in order to charge your devices? Didn’t think so. There’s even a built-in anti-theft feature which will allow you to track your backpack as its being taken away from you, perfect for traveling abroad or while in seedier neighborhoods!

iBackPack is available in a number of models with the cheapest costing $149. If you want all of the aforementioned features you’ll have to pony up $249 which isn’t all that much when you consider just how useful this product really is.

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iBackPack Takes On Jansport With Their Revolutionary Take On The Backpack
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