As advanced as systems like the upcoming PlayStation 4 and that-green-system-from-Microsoft-which-shall-not-be-named are, we’ll take the classics any day. Actually, you DON’T have to take the classics with the Hyperspin tiny arcade machine, but it’s certainly cut out for it. In fact, this little bit of awesomeness comes with about 14 gaming systems in one. It also has a USB hookup on the back in case you want to load your own games from a HDD.

The two-player machine — there’s also a one-player — comes with two joysticks and six buttons, and the entire machine fits on a tabletop. About the only things that have changed from the classic arcade experience — no coin slot (it’s free to play) and your choice of a 17-inch or 19-inch LCD display. Some of the systems included are pretty much anything Sega ever put out, the SNES, NEO-GEO, Nintendo 64, a PC Engine, PlayStation 1, Nintendo Classic, and Laserdisc. (About 3,375 games in all.)

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Hyperspin Tiny Arcade
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