Do you want to unleash your super self? Get the ketone drink from HVMN ((h)yo͞omən).

After about 10 years of research and $60M of funding, HVMN Ketone will be launching early next year and is now accepting pre-orders.

What is Ketone?

We have known fats, proteins, and carbs better than we know ourselves. But according to this expansive and expensive research in partnership with Oxford University, these three are not the only fuels our body needs. There is the fourth one, the ketone.

Ketones are the molecules our body releases when it is starved. In other words, it is naturally occurring in our body. And this fuels our body.

Where else do we get Ketone?

Aside from starving your body, you may also get ketone by depriving your body of carbohydrates. It is a diet we now call ketogenic diet. Basically, it is a high-fat, low-carb type of diet that according to some has a lot of positive effects.

Another way to get ketone is by ingesting it directly through ketone drinks such as HVMN Ketone, the first commercially available ketone ester.

What is HVMN Ketone?

HVMN is the same company that created and sold the chewable coffee called the Go Cubes. The HVMN Ketone is a 2.2 oz shot of pure ketone ester that contains 120 calories.

According to the research, athletes who tried this drink during the trial period showed significant improvement in their performance.

Those who drank it went an average of 400 meters further than the control group during a 30-minute cycling exercise.

“It’s not like caffeine or anything, it’s not a stimulant,” says Kieran Clarke, a physiological biochemistry professor at Oxford University. You will feel normal all throughout but when you look back you’ll say, “Did I just do that?” You’re performing like your body has been supercharged but may not know about it.

It’s like an energy drink without the jitters.

You may also feel that your appetite has been curbed and you can focus on your tasks better than before.

But note that ketone is not meant to improve cognition. So if you’re planning to take this before an exam, it’s useless. Get one that’s meant for that instead.

The Caveat

Despite the obvious performance improvement the HVMN ketone can give you, be warned that it doesn’t taste nice or anything near nice. In fact, it tastes awful according to Business Insider.

They described its taste as gulping down a rubbing alcohol—burns and all. There’s no smell, but the taste hits you like a wrecking ball or something to that effect.

The aftertaste also lingers and may only be extinguished by drinking something else like ice water.


HVMN Ketone is the first commercially available and FDA-approved ketone ester for those who want to perform better such as the athletes. Ketone ester is the “fourth fuel” that has been studied to supercharge our abilities.

You may pre-order at the link provided below.

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