We feature a lot of watches on inStash, and no, it’s not on purpose. There are just some pretty sweet designs to choose from. But unlike most upstart watch companies, Hudson River Watch Company Collection gives you some pretty great-looking choices right out of the gate. In all, the collection has launched with 9 different looks. You can see all of them in the picture above.

Personally, we’re digging the green and black striped one, though not quite sure why since those were the team colors of my most hated high school football rival. Hm. Water under a bridge, I guess? Maybe I’ve matured! If so, it took a watch to show me the way. Thanks, guys. A bit more about some of the designs: one is based on a ship telegraph dial, two are based on vintage stopwatches, and one is based on a cigar humidor, and all are water resistant up to 150 feet, which is really deeper than any normal human being should go.

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Hudson River Watch Company Collection
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