Anybody that is a fan of comedy television has laid their eyes on the hilarious sitcom that is 30 Rock, and although the well-known celebrities like Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are both very funny, it is often the lesser known actors that steal the scenes. Frank Rossitono (the guy with the trucker hats), played by Judah Friedlander, is one of them, offering up hysterical one-liners like they are going out of style.

Now well-known for both 30 Rock and stand-up comedy, Judah has come out with a book titled “How to Beat Up Anybody”. The book offers up absurd answers to bizarre fighting situations such as: mastering how to beat up someone with 3 arms, the best way to take down Bigfoot, and strategies for facing down a gang of street ninjas with weapons riding on dinosaurs. All of which are valuable life lessons that will most certainly be valuable to the everyday man of today. If you are in need of some lessons on offence from the self-proclaimed martial artist, Judah Freiderland, you better make some room on your bookshelves.

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How To Beat Up Anybody | By Judah Friedlander
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