Fresh off seeing a new James Bond film, this inStash writer always goes through a phase where he thinks, “Hmm, how far-fetched would it be for me to live the life of Bond?” Assuming he could get past the 20 excess pounds and the heavy breathing that ensues any time he runs to the mailbox, he realizes that one must be covert if they are going to be a secret agent. The minute he chose writing as a career and started posting stuff on the Internet, the dream died. Or did it?

Author J.J. Luna’s third edition of How to Be Invisible shows readers how to protect vital information such as home address, vehicle and real estate ownership, phone contact information, banking activity, etc. Doesn’t matter if it’s online security or brick-and-mortar that you’re thinking about, Luna tries to hit every base so you can refocus on the things that matter – like saving the world.

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How to Be Invisible by J.J. Luna
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