We at inStash have tested and reviewed some pretty kickass products (and unfortunately haven’t had the fortune of trying out this one…yet), but the Hoverbike probably takes the grand prize for “Most Awe-inspiring, Freaking Cool Invention”!

Reminiscent of some sort of transport device from a video game, the Hoverbike is a multipurpose, ultralight aircraft (yeah, AIRCRAFT) that’s powered by an 80 kW, twin 4-stroke engine. Potential uses for such awesomeness include aerial surveillance, film-making, search & rescue and so much more badassery.

Additionally, the Hoverbike:

  • Can soar up to 10,000 feet, although this has yet to be tested
  • Weighs only 240 lbs and can support up to an additional 400 lbs
  • Boasts motorcycle-like operation, complete with handlebar with controls for speed & navigation
  • Is made of top-grade carbon fiber (including the propellers), helping it achieve up to a 100-mile range
  • Has a (theoretical) top-speed of 150 aeronautical knots/hour (about 172 mph)

It’s still in the prototype phase, but rest assured, when this baby is official, it’ll make the once-futuristic Segway seem like yesteryear’s toaster oven.

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