Not satisfied with the current offerings of BBQ sauce, three rib-and-burger-loving entrepreneurs from Canada decided to create their own.

Honey Badger BBQ Sauce combines just the right amount of real honey with freshly chopped habanero chili peppers to give your meat a kick. A kick, dubbed “cobra strength”, that starts off slow and gradually builds. For all of you habanero connoisseurs, there’s also a limited edition batch of triple cobra strength.

But you’re probably wondering what the deal is with the honey badgers and cobras. Well, the honey badger, often referred to as the most fearless animal on the planet, loves to devour cobras. A BBQ sauce this tasty and hot needs a fearless name.

And if you really, really enjoy the Honey Badger BBQ Sauce, consider joining the Golden Badger Club. You’ll get a 24-carat gold-plated bottle containing the triple cobra strength sauce, each serial numbered and signed by the Honey Badger team. And you can count on 10 refills of the sauce from every annual batch. But at $3,000… this exclusive club doesn’t come cheap.

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Honey Badger BBQ Sauce
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