The HondaJet Elite is considered as a breakthrough in aeronautics. It has Over-the-Wing Engine Mount which breaks the orthodox mold used by the aerospace industry. It offers various category-leading advancements such as increased fuel efficiency, noise reduction, and more spacious cabin.

The HondaJet Elite also has Natural Laminar Flow to maximize the jet's performance. To reduce aerodynamic drag, the NLF was added to the fuselage nose shape and main wing airfoil. In addition, the NLF is a state-of-the-art innovation that provides increased fuel efficiency and high cruising speed.

Likewise, the jet also has lightweight structure. Unlike other standard jets, it uses a lightweight yet robust composite fuselage. It offers greater fuel efficiency, better performance, and increased cabin space because it merges honeycomb sandwich structures and co-cured integral structure in a single jet.

This sophisticated private jet is designed for optimum safety through its high-tech situational awareness and exceptional ergonomic design. It even has touch-screen technology and Garmin® G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system. Additionally, the HondaJet Elite has 3 14-inch landscape high-resolution displays and dual touch-screen controllers for efficient control, improved flight planning, and heightened navigation.

Other detailed specifications of the HondaJet Elite are:

  • Landing distance: <3050 ft
  • Takeoff distance: <4000 ft
  • NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants): 1223 nm
  • Maximum Cruise Altitude: FL430
  • Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300: 422 KTAS
  • Typical configuration: 1 crew + 5 pax (2 crew + 4 pax)
  • Alternative configuration: 1 crew + 6 pax (2 crew + 5 pax)
  • Manufacturer / Model: GE Honda / HF120

As for the exterior dimensions of the HondaJet Elite, it is 4.54 m for the height, 12.12m for the wing span, and 12.99m for the length. It also has wide baggage spaces which measure 9 cubic feet for the nose compartment, 57 cubic feet for the aft compartment, and 66 cubic feet for combined stowage.

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HondaJet Elite: Your Simple yet Sophisticated Private Jet
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