Move over potato chips; beef jerky is now America's favorite snack (although a big percentage has asserted they do not eat meat snacks). Nevertheless, the consumption of meat snacks, specifically beef jerky has been on the rise thanks to new eating habits such as the Paleo diet.

But we know that beef jerky comes with a hefty price tag (at least by the snack department standards). An alternative then is to make one on your own and cut down the price by almost half while ensuring you're not compromising on the taste. Plus, it's healthier.

So here we are giving you a list of homemade beef jerky tools. Just find the most suitable recipe for you and you can have your favorite snack anytime.

Homemade Beef Jerky Tools

Meat Grinder

This recipe requires thinly sliced meat sans the fat. However, we want a uniformly cut beef for even results. Manually cutting it may not do the trick.

It is then necessary to grind the beef then form it to strips to ensure consistency all throughout. Grinding it also ensures tender meat at the end.

For this, you need a meat grinder such as this electric meat grinder from Homeleader. It is a powerful yet portable and quiet meat grinder that comes with three cutting plates so you can choose from coarse, medium, and fine.

Almost all attachments are made of premium-quality metal which translates to durability. It also has a suction base so you don't have to worry about it falling off while in use.

Lastly, it has protection against overheating plus a 12-month warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Jerky Cutting Board Set

Of course, grinding the beef starts with the grindable meat sizes. And for that, you need the perfect knife. And when we say perfect, we mean glide-through-each-meat-easily perfect just like knife in this jerky cutting board set.

The set includes a two-sided cutting board for different thickness?1/4" and 3/8", custom-crafted knife, wooden insert for delicate cuts, original jerky cure and seasoning, and western style seasoning.


TSM Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning

A beef jerky will never be complete without a seasoning. And for that, we only want the best-tasting flavor. You also need the right cure so your beef jerky lasts long without making it too salty.

With that, we recommend TSM Uncle Abe's original jerky seasoning that's good for up to 32 lbs. of jerky. It also comes with Insta Cure No. 1. The Sausage Maker is a tested and proven brand with more than three decades of experience in jerky seasoning creation.

To use, just mix the right amount of seasoning with the ground beef, following the directions on the package.

There are, of course, other seasonings to choose from. In fact, you can even make your own. But for the newbies' sake, it's best to stick with a pre-made one. It's particularly helpful when you are preparing a big batch, and you don't want to put your well-kept reputation at risk.


Beef Jerky Gun

We talked about jerky uniformity earlier, and we just found one of the best devices to help us achieve that?the bet jerky gun from JerkySpot.

Unlike other guns that are made of plastic, this one is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum so it should last longer than the plastic versions. The makers are, in fact, confident of its durability that they are offering a full refund should you have any issues.

The aluminum tubes are paired with stainless steel, round and flat nozzles.

What's more, this jerky gun can hold almost twice as much the average ones can accommodate. The two tubes that are included in the package are even more beneficial and time-saving. You don't have to stop often and fill up again.

But perhaps the best news you want to know is that this beef jerky gun makes cleanup a snap. Simply remove the nozzle and trigger with a few twists and turns and you now have access to the inner tube, which can be cleaned with the brush that comes with it.



The last step in creating a beef jerky is dehydrating it to make sure the fat is gone. Some use an oven to  accomplish this step, but again the oven may not be the best option for beginners in the jerky game. In this case, a dehydrator is more viable such as the Nesco FD-75A.

What's good about this dehydrator is that it comes with six presets for different types of food, jerky included. This means you won't overdry your beef jerky nor undercook it.

It follows the Converga-flow system, which ensures maximum speed and even drying for every type of food you dehydrate.

Nesco FD-75A includes five drying trays, two clean-a-screens, 2 fruit roll sheets, original jerky spice packets, and a recipe and instruction book.


Beef jerky doesn’t always have to be on the expensive end of the pendulum. With a few addition to our kitchen tools partnered with a whole lot of patience, open mind, and hungry stomach, we can enjoy the fastest growing snack for less (and it's healthier too).

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