The year is about to end, and we presume you’re working on your New Year’s resolution list. And we’d bet one of your resolutions is to have a clutter-free life.

So we’ve put together a list of some of our top picks for items that can help you have a tidier surrounding. Whether you’re organizing your home, your car, or office, there’s a bit of something for these on our list.

If you’d like holiday gift ideas, however, check out our stocking stuffer list. You have more than a hundred to choose from.

Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser Stainless Steel Pen Holder


Whether it’s your study table or your office desk, we’re sure there’s a sticky tape and a number of pens and pencils lying around. Put them all in one place with the help of this dispenser cum pen holder that’s not only neat looking but also reminiscent of the not so distant past.

Practical Elastic Storage Plate


Whether you’re always on the go or not, this elastic storage plate surely sorts out your tiny gizmos. Its made of several elastic rubber bands, on one hand, that hold your items in place while making sure access to them is a breeze. The soft fabric and pads, on the other hand, ensure your gadgets are protected from scratch.

CARSETCITY CS Car Anti-slip Phones Mount


We know that there are a number of phone mounts out there, but what sets this apart are the additional features such as the extras storage in front for your cards, coins, keys, etc. There’s also the magnetic charging cable so it doesn’t dangle when you drive. At the back, there’s also a space for parking number plate. Lastly, the entire mount is made of silicone materials that are both anti-slip yet easy to wash.

Practical Desktop Wire Cable Clips


Not everyone has gone wireless or are planning to, so for you here’s the Practical Desktop Wire Cable Clips. You just mount them on your desk and clip the cables you use as shown in the picture. Practical, isn’t it? We also like that there are six different colors so you don’t mix up your wires.

Magnetic Bottle Hanger Holder Beer Storage Organizer


For our beer bottles or anything with the same size, here’s the Magnetic Bottle Hanger Holder Beer Storage Organizer so our bottles are not dumped on one side like homeless beings.  Plus, if you get enough hanger, you can make a pretty impressive piece of art and conversation starter, too.

Refrigerator Organizer Beverage Storage Box


Another beverage organizer is this one, but this time it’s for the fridge. If you have a number of cans you don’t know how to arrange, this storage box is for you. You may stack them up or place them vertically side by side. It’s your call. But whatever you choose, this will surely save your fridge some space.

KX-35 Stylish Velcro Nylon Cable Tie Organizer Set


For our cables, wire, laces, and the like, here’s the KX-35 Stylish Velcro Nylon Cable Tie Organizer Set. This tie organizer combines the best of Velcro’s and nylon’s world to give us one easy to use and durable cable tie. Each set comes with 5 ties of different colors, which makes labeling much easier.

Car Charger Cable Headphone / USB Cable Clamps Organizer


For the wires and cables we have in the car, here’s how you can keep them from being tangled. This set uses a simple adhesive so you can attach them easily to your dashboard or door. The narrow space in between holds your cables in place while the soft materials ensure your wires are not damaged.

Foldable Multi Compartment Basket Organizer and Cooler Set


For your groceries, drinks, or tailgating items, here’s the organizer you can place in your trunk. It measures 23.62”x12.20″x11.02″ and has three compartments. The one in the middle is insulated so you can keep your beverages cool (or warm). Plus, this entire thing is foldable thus you can store it easily when not in use.

Auto Double Car Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder


Hate it when your loose bags roll and stumble on your way home? You need this hanger holder. Each hanger contains two hooks that can hold up to two bags or containers at a time. Just fasten this on your headrest, hang your bags, and you’re guaranteed you’ll find your items just where you placed them.

Adjustable Double Cleaning Storage Shoes Rack


When we keep our shoes, it’s either we hang them or place them side by side. That’s perfectly OK, but that takes too much space. Why not stack them one on top of each other? Don’t worry about soiling one or the other because this shoe rack is designed to keep your sneakers from doing just that.

Car Parking Plate / Phone Number Card Holder


For your cards or receipts, here’s the holder that’s both useful and discreet. Just fasten it anywhere within your reach in the car, place your cards or receipts, and that’s it. You may use this at home, school, or office too. Each piece has four different slots so your cards are not crammed in one place.

Portable Aluminum 4 SIM + 2 Micro SIM + 1 Pin Card Storage Box 


For multiple SIM card or SD card holders, here’s how you can make sure you don’t misplace them. Put them all in this storage box that can hold up to 6 SIM cards (two of which are micro). It also has a slot for 1 pin, which is handy so that you can always take it with you without misplacing it. It’s made of dust-proof and lightweight materials so it doesn’t add any more weight to your overloaded bag.

4-in-1 Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder


In the kitchen, we usually have paper towels, plastic wraps, and foils. Most likely, they’re placed in different containers or left lying around. Now you can keep them all neatly in one place using the 4-in-1 Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder. The extra space on top of it is ideal for storing spice bottles too.

PALMOO Pu Leather Car Back Seat Organizer


For the items our passengers use in the car frequently such as water bottles, gadgets, soda cans, etc., here’s the organizer to ensure they don’t add to the mess. It’s made from PU leather for durability and style while also making sure your car seats don’t get scratched. Each organizer has eight different compartments for your sundries.

Car seat organizer for Uber/Lyft/Taxi driver


Satisfy more clients by placing this behind your seat and putting in free items, of course. You may have candies, tissues, and water as giveaways. You’ve made them smile by your generosity and being neat and tidy too.

Daygos Waterproof PU Leather Car Seat Back Organizer with USB Mobile Phone Charger


Here’s another car organizer similar to the other two, but this one has a pocket for your power bank and three different charging cables for your devices. It has eight compartments too that can fit an iPad mini, tissue, water bottles, umbrella, and so on.

ThinkHat ChopTainer Cutting Board Space Saver



Chopping several ingredients for one meal may get a little messy. To help you put things in order, here’s a chopping board that comes with three containers for your sliced food. You can place these containers right beside the board so you can slide the veggies right into them after cutting.

Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler


Even the tiniest gap in between our car seats may be utilized to organize our gizmos, too. Just place this patented car seat gap filler from Drop Stop, so you won’t have to drop items in these narrow spaces ever again.

Car Garbage Bag


What’s a highly organized car if there’s no place for trash? Our wrappers and leftovers should be hidden from plain sight, too. This car garbage bag lets you do just that, and you can hang them almost anywhere viable.

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