Ever sat around thinking to yourself, “Sure could use a personal mini-copter for getting around in?” If you’re over the age of 15, then the answer is likely no. However, that’s not stopping remote control copter manufacturer Hirobo from giving it the ol’ college try. In 2013 the company plans on staging its first test flight of the device, which is all-electric – let’s hope there are no battery issues in-flight – and the goal is to roll it out to consumers by 2021.

Hopefully by then it will be able to travel further than 30 minutes before needing a break. Top speeds are estimated at 60 miles per hour. No word on if it comes with a built-in parachute. We’re thinking not. We also recommend converting the seat into a toilet dispensary in case the pilot gets up to 1,000 feet and lets loose. If the $125 million project (during the next seven years) works out, then we could be one step closer to Blade Runner.

If it doesn’t, well, hope you have good funeral insurance.

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Hirobo HX 1 Personal Helicopter
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