HIRIS is much more than just a smart watch or a fitness tracker, it’s an actual wearable (or mountable) mini computer. The hexagon-shaped device is certainly stylish and offers real benefits to its use. The device itself can serve as an alarm, clock, or calendar but can also serve as a way to control your smart phone and other devices through gestures. HIRIS also allows you to share social data real time on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

The folks behind HIRIS want the product to become more of a platform rather than a standalone device and to that end they’ve built an app store which’ll allow you to increase the capabilities of your HIRIS. Want HIRIS to help you out in the Gym? Simply download the Gym app and HIRIS will start counting push ups, heart rate, and calories. Need HIRIS to function as a presentation remote? It’ll be able to do that as well. HIRIS will also interface with other HIRIS devices in order to expand its capabilities even further.


If you’ve been looking for a wearable you can tinker around with and which can actually be expanded upon without having the buy the next greatest version every year, you may have found your wearable in HIRIS.

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HIRIS Is The Expanding, Modular Wearable Device Platform For Everyone
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