The Swiss Army Knife has been around for at least the 19th century, so why is it that we’ve yet to bring it into the 21st? Well, they have, and it just took until 2017 for it to happen. Meet the High Knife, a typical Swiss army knife that also allows you to take the edge off with a smoke.


In order to get a hit, you merely have to pop it open and enjoy a nice, relaxing puff. If you’re curious about the smoker specific specialties they include a pipe, pipe sleeve, and a roach clip. Utility, recreation – this multi-tool checks all the boxes. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, you can use this product with both tobacco and cannabis. Just a little extra bonus from the High Knife (where’d you think it got the name, after all?)

If you’d like to find out more about the High Knife then make sure you head on over to the inStash Shop linked below where it’s currently available at a steep discount.

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High Knife Is What You Get When You Combine A Swiss Army Knife With A Vape Set
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