Meet the world's most advanced, all-in-one, dual-use, and easy-to-use vape ever invented. Hera 2 has a seamless switch between Extract and Herbal modes so you can ultimately get that perfect vaping experience.

Unlike the standard portable vapes, Hera 2 is designed to withstand absolutely anything. It is portable enough to fit in your pocket, yet durable enough to provide you with thick and milky vapor everytime you use it. With its firm attention to details and high tech materials such as the VUI touchscreen, hybrid heating technology, and stainless steel and ceramic hybrid dual-chamber, it can provide you with dense and high-quality vapor.

Hera 2 has been designed to provide you the best vaping experience more intuitive than ever. The hybrid heating technology and dual chamber will guarantee that you're provided with first-class and thick clouds for several hours no matter where you are. Also, this easy-to-use and dual-use vaporizer is engineered with a built-in Micro-USB charging interface so you can immediately juice it up in your car, office or home. Once you drain the battery, you can always replace it with another one, that's if you have an extra battery on hand.

Built to withstand the effects of deterioration, the unyielding desires of providing the Hera 2 with state-of-the-art materials and top-notch technology will ensure forever and clockwork performance. Likewise, it is built to have sleek, consistent, and timeless design because of its distinctive aluminum alloy material.

With Hera 2's VUI touchscreen technology, you can have high precision temperature control (350F-450F herbal mode) over herbs and extracts. In addition to its features, the Hera 2 has 2680 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery so you can have approximately 90 minute session time.

The Hera 2 package includes the user manual and warranty card, cleaning brush, concentrate tool, carrying case, herbal concentrate mouthpiece, dual chamber mouthpiece, and the Hera 2.

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Hera 2: World's Most Advanced Dual-Use Vaporizer
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